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 Multifactor Authentication  
What is Multifactor Authentication?
How Multifactor Authentication works
How do I enroll?
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Multifactor Authentication?

The Multifactor Authentication solution provides you added safety by helping ensure that only you can access your bank account. You will select an image and caption that is a shared secret between you and the Bank. When you see your secret image and caption you can be confident that you are at the legitimate Bank web site, not an imposter site.

Make sure you see your secret image and caption before you enter your password!

Authentication Image:
  Time flies


 In addition, the Multifactor Authentication solution remembers which computer(s) you normally use, preventing potential fraudsters from logging into your account even if they somehow get or guess your username and password

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How Multifactor Authentication works

When you visit your branch office, you know our faces and we know yours. Multifactor Authentication does the same thing over the internet. It is a new method to identify us to you and you to us. When you enroll in Multifactor Authentication, you will receive a secret image and caption known only to you. Whenever you log in we will show you this image so you can be assured that you are accessing the real Bank site and not an impostor site.

We also check the computer(s) or device(s) that you are using to access the web site. Typically you will access the web site from one or two computers, such as your work and home machine. Multifactor Authentication remembers your computer. Should you need to log in from a different computer, such as an Internet cafe, we will take additional steps to verify your identity, such as ask you to provide the answer to secret questions we both know the answers to.

Multifactor Authentication remembers your computer by assigning a unique identifier to each computer you use to access our web site using standard secure cookies. The cookie is used to store the identification information only. No personal or private data is stored in any way.

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How do I enroll?

You will begin enrolling after December 4th.  The log in screen will look similar to the following example.  Familiarize yourself with this information and then return to the log in page.

You will enter your Access ID (but not your Password) and click Submit.

Access ID:


Then enter your Password and click Submit.



Next, enter you security data.

Enter your e-mail address into both textboxes.  Your e-mail address may fill in automatically if you have previously provided it.

Contact Information
Enter E-mail Address:
Confirm E-mail Address:

During the initial enrollment, you will be randomly assigned an image.  After enrollment, you can select from 36,000 different images.  Enter a short caption below the image using only numbers or letters (don't use punctuation).  The combination of image and caption is a shared secret between you and the Bank.

Image and Phrase
Authentication Image:
Authentication Pass Phrase:

All fields are required so you must enter an answer for each of the three challenge questions.  Your answers must be alphanumeric.  Use only numbers or letters (don't use punctuation).  You can also select a different question from the pull-down box.  If you are using a personal computer, click the radio button to register it.  If you are using a public terminal, don't register it.

Challenge Questions and Answers:
Challenge Question 1:
Challenge Question 2:
Challenge Question 3:
  This is a Personal Computer.  Register It.
  This is a Public Computer.  Do Not Register It.
All Fields are Required And Must Be Alphanumeric.


After you have entered all the required information, click Submit.

That's how the enrollment process works.  Now go back to the log in page and begin enrolling.

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