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Uncertainty. We’ve been asked to live with a lot of this over the last few years, and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. But, in these times of ambiguity we’ve learned a lot about our community and ourselves.

Here’s what we found out:

Even during the rough times there’s no place like home. Requests for new home mortgages and mortgage refi’s for home improvement projects increased sharply – even in the wake of economic insecurity caused by the pandemic. Honestly, we didn’t expect this.

There’s no bad time to start or expand a business. Again, this was kind of a surprise. During the pandemic, when we were reading reports every day about businesses shuttering, laying off and downsizing, we had a record number of businesses make what we consider to be a reinvestment in the community. Speaking of the community …

The community comes to the rescue. During a time when many people were tightening their belts, we saw people still donating to area causes. Our annual shredding event, which doubles as a benefit for area food pantries, was a huge success – as was our November food drive and Toys for Tots toy drive. And, most recently at the Battle of the Banks bell ringing day, people came out and donated extremely generously for the Salvation Army.

So, what does this all mean? In these crazy times, we all came together – to help, to build, to grow. We proved our community is strong, and we can weather any storm – together.

And, as a fiercely independent community bank that has been a fixture in Sheboygan County for more than 113 years, we couldn’t be prouder.

You see, there were a lot of reasons for all of us to curl up into a ball and ignore the outside world. Many did, but not us.

You didn’t stop working, you didn’t stop building up your businesses, you didn’t stop putting down roots in the community, you didn’t stop helping where help was needed … and neither did we.

When other banks closed down their lobbies, limited access to banking professionals, and made it harder for their customers to have access to their money - we didn’t. It was, and still is, business as usual. We recognize how important it is for us to be there for the community we serve. At the end of the day, when we all work together, we can do anything.

Uncertainty… so be it. Together, we’ve got this!

Eric Glewen
President / CEO

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to remain an independent community bank committed to meeting the financial needs of our customers while providing a positive work environment for employees and a fair return to our stockholders.

About Us

About Oostburg State Bank

Your Oostburg State Bank is a state chartered, locally owned and locally operated community bank. We have been proudly serving customers throughout Sheboygan County and beyond since 1908.

Our success and longevity can be directly attributed to the area residents we serve and there preference to do business with people they know and trust.

If you're not already a customer we encourage you to call, stop in, or visit the other parts of our website to discover what banking local can do for you.
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Our Core Values

We are a fiercely independent, local bank. This gives us the ability to make decisions on a truly local level and treat our customers as our friends, family and neighbors – because they are.

Integrity & Confidentiality
Honest, trustworthy and professional, we value the privacy of our customers and take every step to ensure they are protected.

We forge long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our personal and business customers that foster fiscal wellness and growth.

We value the hard work of our employees and provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Community Focus
We are proud to be part of such a vibrant, family-focused community and we actively invest in its people, companies and organizations to ensure a bright future.

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Our Community

Welcome to Oostburg, a Small Town on the Grow.

In Egyptian mythology, a phoenix rises from the ashes to begin life anew. The story of Oostburg has a very similar beginning. In 1847, a propeller ship called the Phoenix sailed the waters of Lake Michigan carrying Dutch settlers to their new home. On Nov. 21, 1847 tragedy struck the Phoenix when it caught fire five miles from shore just south of Sheboygan.

This is the story of the birth of Oostburg, the town that rose from the ashes of the Phoenix. While many lives were lost, those Dutch settlers who made it to land decided to call this new place, home. Named after a similarly small town in the Netherlands, Oostburg proved to be a great place for these settlers.

The founding Dutch settlers were an industrious people, who valued family and community. They built Oostburg out of nothing, and in 1909 it was incorporated with a population of around 300 people. Today, the Oostburg area of Sheboygan County — which includes Cedar Grove, Gibbsville, Hingham, Lima and the Town of Wilson — is one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Wisconsin.

While the Village of Oostburg will probably never grow to be what anyone would call a booming metropolis, it is a great place to live, run a business and raise a family – with excellent schools, businesses, library system, family-friendly events and more. As a community we’re down to earth, kind to our neighbors, helpful and proud of our heritage. The people of Oostburg are hardworking, and our locally-based businesses produce quality products for customers all over the world.

And if you look carefully, you’ll find little reminders of our Dutch heritage – including wooden shoes, small windmills and spring gardens filled with tulips in bloom. We’ve been a part of Oostburg since the beginning.

Our Board of Directors and employees are directly involved with our local schools, churches, and volunteer organizations. We proudly support local families and businesses by providing access to simple and honest banking and lending solutions.

We are fiercely independent, locally owned, and we are proud to call Sheboygan County, home.

Oostburg State Bank services expand well beyond the borders of our hometown. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Oostburg State Bank Milestones


About Us
Dutch settlers first came to the town of Holland area in 1846. They came with a dream and determination to make a life for themselves and build a community that was guided by religion, education, and a strong work ethic.

Early 1900s

About Us
On September 27, 1907 a group of 39 local residents held a meeting for the purpose of establishing a bank in Oostburg. In 1908, Oostburg State Bank opened at 10th Street and Center Avenue with total capital of $25,000 ready to serve the 350 residents of the village.


About Us
The population growth of the village and surrounding area brought an increasing number of customers into the bank, thus requiring the construction of a new building in 1964. Presently located at the corner of S. 9th Street and Center Avenue. Additional growth and needed operational facilities required building additions to be completed in 1989 (small addition) and in 2003 (large addition).


About Us
With the number of Cedar Grove customers growing, coupled with the opportunity for additional retail and commercial growth, Oostburg State Bank opened a second office in the Village of Cedar Grove in 2010.


About Us
With an eye on growth throughout Sheboygan County and beyond, Oostburg State Bank launches a new look and Banking for Life platform.
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Meet Our Board of Directors


(From Left) Eric Veldhorst, David Gass, Eric Glewen, Julie Meyer, Jon Grosshuesch, Linda Zimbal, Steve VanderPloeg, Larry LeMahieu, Terry Katsma


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