"Modern Banking ... the Old Fashioned Way"


Customer Testimonials

“I moved to Oostburg 18 years ago, and quickly came to know OSB as my other FAMILY! Over the years, Nancy has kept me on track with CD’s/IRA’s/other savings instruments, helped me avoid costly errors, and assisted me in making wise investment choices. She has always gone the extra mile! Rachel and Shirley have assisted me with POA and beneficiary forms. And the friendly gals at the drive-thru, Kari, Vicki, Donna and Jody always greet me with a smile, and my dog, Rosey with a biscuit! As a health professional, I am in contact with large organizations on a daily basis, but none has mastered the art of customer service, genuine caring and personal assistance as OSB’s dedicated staff. Thank you for all you have done for me!”
- Oostburg -

“The knowledge, efficiency, and consideration of the staff are exemplary.”
- Oostburg -

“I’m just so thankful OSB has not only thrived but has grown over the years, and we know you are here to stay. That makes me feel really good. Thank you for all that you do.”
- Oostburg -

“The friendliest bank and most personal bank we have ever known.”
- Cedar Grove -

“Oostburg State Bank is the most friendly bank I ever dealt with. Regardless
of your financial situation you’re always treated royally.”
- Sheboygan Falls -

“I love banking at the Oostburg State Bank. After I was married, I opened accounts
elsewhere but came running back. The service is excellent, second to none, absolutely
- Sheboygan -

"History and reputation still count for a lot with Oostburg State Bank. That is why I still
do my personal banking with you, even from 1,200 miles away! Thank you so much
for carrying the traditions of Oostburg State Bank into the 21st century! We love
being part of your banking family!"
- Colorado -

"I'm writing to you from our little cottage in British Columbia. I have just made our credit card payment from our Online checking account. What a great service. Glad to know I can still deal with Oostburg State Bank from the other end of the continent."
- Canada -

“The success of the Oostburg State Bank is confirmed by its commitment to its customers.
With all the bank consolidations going on in this country it’s really nice to have a locally
owned and operated bank.”
- Oostburg -

“We want to thank you for the excellent service we received when we built our
house. We have dealt with other lending institutions, and this was by far the best
experience we have had. Everything was explained clearly, and calls were always
returned promptly.”
- Oostburg -

"I'm so glad we have our account at Oostburg State Bank. I've been continuously pleased
with the friendliness and caring attitude at OSB."
- Oostburg -

"I want to commend you for your outstanding, friendly, courteous, professional service.
It is always heart warming to be greeted by name. Your employees are consistently
polite and cheerful, even when extremely busy. They take the time to go the extra mile.
Your staff embodies the true spirit of customer service and has earned my respect and
loyalty for years to come!"
- Oostburg -