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June is Dairy Month

The dairy industry is an important part of the communities we serve and Wisconsinís dairy farmers are some of the best in the nation.  Your Oostburg State Bank recognizes the hard-working, dedicated dairy farmers in our area.  Did you know dairy farming is one of the most efficient businesses in our nation?  Year after year dairy farmers increase the average milk production per cow.  This is important because each year the Average American consumes nearly 600 pounds of milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, yogurt and other dairy items.  Please join us in saluting our local dairy farmers. 

June is Dairy Month
Celebrate With Your Kids

Hmm, you may be thinking, "Dairy month? Big deal!" Alright, it isn't as huge as Christmas or Thanksgiving, but think about it, where would you be without milk? That entire aisle in the grocery store with the huge selection of cereal would not be there. Chocolate cake and cookies would just not be the same. We would not have the saying, "Don't cry over spilt milk." What would you give to the kids to drink with their supper? Dairy products are a daily part of our lives, so come on and let's celebrate June is Dairy Month.

Let's start at the beginning of the process, getting the milk from the cow. If you live in an agricultural area or come from a farming background, you may know how milk is taken from the cow. If you don't know how it is done, check out the virtual tour at MooMilk

A great way to celebrate would be to make some dairy products to eat.  A refreshing drink for a hot day is a milk shake.  Try some of variations of a traditional milk shake by adding bananas or strawberries.  Enjoy ! 

Get the scoop on cheese at



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