Maybe you’ve seen the signs around Sheboygan County, the one’s that say, “Project Financed by Oostburg State Bank.” Over the years, these signs have become more common.

They can be found in front of schools, manufacturers, retailers, new businesses, established companies – each with one thing in common – they turned to a community bank to help them grow.

For community banks like Oostburg State Bank, helping local businesses grow is part of our mission.

Local business growth leads to a lot of great things: more people working, more people buying cars and houses, more money in the local economy.

These signs you see around town aren’t just statements of where these companies bank, they are signs of a strong, flourishing local economy.

As a fiercely independent, locally owned bank, we invest in our area businesses – everything from small business start-ups to established major companies – because we believe these companies make our community stronger and improve our customers’ lives.

Want to learn more? Contact one of our experienced business bankers today and see what a community focused bank can do for your business.