Line of Credit

Emergencies happen, and sometimes we’re not prepared. That’s OK, we have your back.

A Line of Credit from Oostburg State Bank provides funds at your fingertips – freeing you from overdraft fees or providing emergency cash when you need it the most.

We offer two Line of Credit solutions:

The Bridge

  • Transfers Exact Amount*
  • Avoid Overdraft Fees
  • Avoid NSF Returned Checks

*$5.00 fee per transfer is automatically taken from savings in addition to needed amount. If funds are not available to cover the entire amount of the overdraft, a fee may be charged, and the item may be returned.

Line of Credit

  • Advances Exact Amount
  • Avoids Overdraft Fees
  • Avoids Returned Item Fees
  • Provides Emergency Cash

Protect yourself with a Line of Credit. Contact us today and get started.

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