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Scholarship Programs
Supporting Our Local Communities


We are very pleased to support our local youth through our scholarship programs.  We recognize the importance of both vocational education and collegiate education and offer scholarships for both.  Both programs base their awards on a combination of academic status, community involvement, character, and leadership abilities.  It is the bank’s intent to provide scholarships to students meeting the program requirements and who are also not currently receiving other substantial scholarships.  In the requirements section of the application you will notice amounts given in parenthesis.  These amounts are simply an attempt by the bank to define what it considers to be substantial.  However, should you find yourself receiving other scholarships totaling more than this we still encourage you to complete an application.  These amounts are simply used as a guideline, and just one part of the Committee’s decision making process.

Since their inception in 1997, the scholarship programs have awarded 102 local students $83,000 in scholarship money.  Each year the bank makes available up to three $1,000 scholarships to students entering a four-year collegiate program, and up to  three $500 scholarships to students enrolling in a technical or vocational education program.  There have been years when the number of qualified candidates has gladly moved the bank to give out additional scholarships.

The Oostburg State Bank is proud to continue this very worthwhile program.


Your Oostburg State Bank has available for students all that they will need to manage their personal finances while away from home:



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