Flexible, modern banking solutions, that's Banking for Life.

As a fiercely independent, locally owned bank, we take great pride in offering simple and honest personal and business banking and lending solutions.

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Banking for life, business and more.

At Oostburg State Bank, we provide flexible, modern banking solutions on a local level. That means you get the convenience and dependability you need from a banking institution, with the personalized service you deserve. It’s time to bank local.


Customer Satisfaction

Real people = Really great customer service.

We offer customers something the larger institutions can’t – a real person who is friendly, experienced and dedicated to finding the right banking or lending solutions for you. 98% of our customers agree, and we believe you will too!

Banking that makes sense

As a fiercely independent, locally owned bank, we proudly offer simple and honest personal and business banking and lending solutions. Whether you’re saving for retirement, starting a business, buying a home or saving for a new boat, we have a solution that’s right for you.

Modern and Mobile Banking Solutions for Life

With Online Banking from Oostburg State Bank, you’ll have safe and secure access to your accounts at home, on the road and everywhere in between on your computer, tablet or mobile smartphone.

Flexible financial solutions for today, tomorrow and beyond. Banking the way it should be.

Banking used to be about service. The more tellers you had, the more customers you could serve. You went to the bank to make deposits, apply for a loan and save for the future.

Somewhere along the way, we traded service for convenience – online banking, ATMs, mobile payments. Speed is important, but so is personal service – a person to talk to about the right banking or loan solution for you, a friendly face behind the counter, a real person on the telephone.

We believe there is still room for both convenience and service. We treat our customers like neighbors, because they are. We are proud to offer modern banking solutions while remaining fiercely local. We are Oostburg State Bank, banking for the modern world – banking for life.


Personal Banking

From our actually free Free Checking, to savings accounts, retirement planning, home loans and more, our modern banking solutions are designed for you.



Business Banking

Whether you're just getting a business off the ground, or you're looking to expand, we offer financial solutions that make your business stronger.


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Eric Glewen

Welcome to the Oostburg State Bank!

Community. This is the most important word in our vocabulary here at Oostburg State Bank. Why?

Because as a fiercely independent, locally owned bank, we know we are in the unique position to serve our community better than any other bank could.

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