What is Banking for Life?

Banking for Life

You’re busy, and you need a bank that fits your life. But, that’s easier said than done. Many banks have invested heavily in modern banking solutions, but offer very little personal service. Other banks provide great customer service, but limit online and mobile banking options.

When you bank with Oostburg State Bank you get both.

We believe in banking for life. We provide modern mobile and online banking solutions, giving you convenient access to your money when and where you need it. At the same time, we provide unparalleled local customer service – real bank tellers, real people on the phone to answer your questions or talk about loan options.

Bank Local & Bank Independent

Oostburg State Bank was founded on a very simple principle: customers come before profits. As a fiercely independent local financial institution, we can work with you to find the right solutions for your life. Our employees are knowledgeable and accessible, and we make all decisions on a local level.

Our ability to make decisions locally is truly important – especially when it comes to lending.

The Big Bank Alternative

Most of the “big banks” make decisions on both personal and business loans in a faraway boardroom where they only look at the numbers – your credit, income and assets.

The big bank mold is simply a numbers game, and your individual situation might not fit the big bank mold.

Throwing away the mold

We look at the whole picture. When we sit in our boardroom in downtown Oostburg, we make decisions on loans based on financials plus other factors – how the loan would benefit you, your family, area businesses and the community.

When you need a loan for a house, business or even a new boat, one of our officers will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your options, answer all your questions, and get you into the loan that’s right for you. You can even talk to our bank president if you need to (he’s really nice, too).

We treat everyone like they are our neighbors, our friends, our family, because they are. That’s truly the advantage being a local independent bank.

Planning for Life

We understand that banking goes far beyond checking, savings and loans. The future is coming, and you need to prepare for it. That’s why we offer wealth management solutions, including Money Market and Premium Investment Savings Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and Certificates of Deposit.

But it doesn’t end there. Through our partnership with Oostburg Financial Services, you’ll be connected to some of the top local financial advisors who will provide you with the information you need to establish long-term goals, plan and invest for a stronger financial future.

The products and services offered through Oostburg Financial Services are not products of Oostburg State Bank, are not insured by the FDIC, are not guaranteed by the bank, and may lose principal.

Oostburg is Everywhere

Just because we’re local doesn’t mean you have to be from Oostburg to benefit from everything we have to offer. Though many of our customers are in Sheboygan County, we have provided financial solutions for people and businesses throughout the State of Wisconsin and all across the United States – we’ve even had several international clients.

With our modern mobile and online banking solutions, you can access your account from anywhere in the world, and get cash at nearly 700 fee-free ATMS.

Banking for Life

As a fiercely independent, locally-owned bank, we take great pride in offering simple, modern and honest personal and business banking and lending solutions. Whether you’re saving for retirement, starting a business, buying a home or saving for a new boat, we have a solution that’s right for you with the personal customer service you deserve.

We are Oostburg State Bank, and we are Banking for Life.

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