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Oostburg State Bank is committed to providing the most accurate information available so you can make smart financial decisions. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 920-564-2336.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Savings and Checking Accounts

What do I need to set up an account?
All accounts require an unexpired government issued photo id. and a Social Security Card.
Can I set up a new account online?
Because of the verification necessary, you must set up your new account in person at one of our two locations.
Is my money safe?
Yes, with a few exceptions. Oostburg State Bank is Member FDIC, so all checking and savings deposits are protected by the FDIC. Some investment accounts are not protected, and therefore have additional risks. We are an Equal Housing Lender and an Equal Opportunity Lender.
Can I set up an account for someone else?
Yes, but there are restrictions. As a parent or legal guardian, you can set up a custodial account for a child. You cannot create an account for anyone over the age of 18 without their knowledge.
I'm not from the area, will I still have access to my money?
Yes. You can access your money at anytime online, as well as through our network of fee-free ATMs. You can also use ATMs outside of our network, but there may be additional fees applied to each transaction.
What happens if I bounce a check or overdraw my savings or checking account?
You will be required to right your account and will be assessed a fee. We offer several account protection programs to prevent overdrawn accounts.

Online Banking

What do I need to start Online banking?
You will need to know one of your account numbers, social security number, PIN and e-mail address. If you have not already set up a PIN, you will need to contact the Operations Department at 920-564-2336 or e-mail Your email address will enable the online banking system to email you your password should you forget it. We will not share your email address with anyone and you will not be solicited by the bank as a result of registering your email address with online banking.
What is my Username and Password?
After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you will need to create a username and password. For your username, use at least 6 to 12 alpha or numeric characters. For your password, use at least 8 to 17 alpha and numeric characters with at least 1 uppercase alpha character. Both the username and password are case sensitive.
How do I change my Password?
Log in to Online banking. Click on “Profile” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click on “Edit” next to “Password”. Enter your current password into the "Current Password" textbox. Enter a new password into the "New Password" textbox and again into the "Confirm New Password" textbox. Use at least six 8 to 17 alpha and numeric characters with at least 1 uppercase alpha character. The password is case sensitive. Next click "Save". You should receive a message indicating that your password was changed successfully. None of the bank’s personnel will know, or have access to your password.
How do I change my Username?
You will choose your Username during the enrollment process. If you decide to change it at a later time, please contact our Operations Department at (920) 564-2336 or email
What is a Challenge Question and Answer?
A Challenge Question and Answer is a form of personal identification that involves a "shared secret". The authenticating party (the Bank) seeks to verify the identity of a transaction initiator (the Customer) via a question that only an authentic customer should be able to answer. You will be asked to set up 3 challenge questions and answers during the initial enrollment process. To change a question and answer, log in to Online banking. Click on “profile” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Then click on “edit” next to “challenge questions”. Choose a question from the drop down box and put the answer in the next text box. Click “Save” when you are done with your changes.
How can I access Online banking?
You can access through virtually any web browser, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We recommend that you update your browser to the most current version. PDFs can be viewed using a number of applications, including Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Where do I log on to Online Banking?
You can log in to Online Banking through any page on the Oostburg State Bank website. Look for the Login link at the top of the page.

Bill Payment

What do I need to start Bill Payment?
You must be a current Online Banking customer. Contact us to learn more about getting started with Bill Payment.


Check Images

How do I see my checks?
The following allows you to retrieve images of checks that have cleared up to the past 60 days: 1. Log in to Online Banking 2. Click on the account you would like to see. This will bring up your transactions. 3. Under the “Description” column, click on the check number of the check you'd like to see. 4. If you do not see the check you are looking for, click on “more transactions” at the bottom of the page OR you may use the “search transactions” on the right hand side of the page.
When do my checks appear on Online Banking?
Your transaction appears on your Online Banking statement in "real time" as soon as your check is processed.  Your check will be available for viewing by 10:00 am the following business day.
What does a Check Image look like?

This is a replica of a check that has cleared

check image

How long will my checks remain on Online Banking?
You can view your checks for 2 years after they clear.
How do I print a copy of my check?
Click on the picture of the printer either at the top or bottom of the image.



What is an eStatement?
An eStatement is an electronic statement.  It is an exact replica of a paper statement, except that it is available through Online Banking.  As soon as your statement is prepared, it appears on Online Banking.  It replaces the paper statement sent through the mail.
How do I begin getting eStatements?
You must be a current Online Banking customer. 
What if I have a joint account?  Can I still sign up?
Yes. Only one account from the combined statement need be listed.  If you receive a separate statement, then that account number would also have to be enrolled.  You must be an account owner to receive these
Are eStatements available for businesses?
Yes. Contact us to sign up now.
How do I view eStatements?
Combined Statements:  Customers who prefer to see all of their accounts on one statement choose combined statements.  With eStatements, Online Banking will send an email to you when your statement has arrived instead of a statement via mail. Next, you can log into Online Banking, select your checking account, and a "Documents" button will be available. Clicking the "Documents" button will provide a list of sixteen (16) months of statements available for viewing.   All of your combined accounts will be on this eStatement.  (Some accounts may not be eligible for combined statements.)  Any account that is on a combined statement will only be viewable through the primary checking account. Separate Statements: If you prefer to view a completely separate statement for each account, you will need to enroll each account separately.  Instead of receiving a statement via mail, Online Banking will send an email to you when your statement has arrived. Log in to Online Banking to view the eStatement, then select the particular account you'd like to view.  Click the "Documents" button, and a list of the eStatements will appear.  Select the month you would like to view.
Can I print a copy?
Yes.  Use the print button available on your browser.  This printer friendly version will look exactly like the statement you had been receiving in the mail.
How long will I be able to see this month's statement?
Your eStatement will remain on Online Banking for up to sixteen (16) months.
Can I go back to see last month's statement after I get this month's?
Yes. Each of your eStatements will be listed separately and will remain available for up to sixteen (16) months.
When I click on Documents, and then Account Statement, I receive the message "No Documents Are Currently Available For Viewing".
First, try again.  As with any page request over the internet, there is a chance that the server is busy. If you are enrolled and continue receiving this message after the time when you normally would have received a statement, call 920-564-2336.  We will verify that the account you are trying to review has been enrolled.  If you choose a combined statement so you can view all of your accounts in one click and a single print, then your eStatements will appear under the main checking account only.  All other accounts that had been requested to be on the Combined eStatement will receive the message "No Documents Are Currently Available For Viewing".


Mobile Banking

What types of mobile banking does Oostburg State Bank offer?
Text Banking
From mobile phones with text capabilities users can:
  • View account balances
  • View recent transaction history
  • Locate a nearby ATM
  • Text the # 96924
Mobile Web Banking
From mobile phones with web access users can:
  • View account balances
  • View recent transactions
  • View pending transactions
  • Receive text alerts on banking transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills from your mobile phone
  • Locate a nearby branch or ATM
Smartphone App
Same functions as Mobile Web Banking: Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the “Oostburg State Bank” app.
How much does Mobile Banking cost?
Mobile Banking is a free service - You must first be enrolled for online banking.

**Message and Data rates may apply
Do I need Mobile Access to use Mobile Banking?
No. We also offer Text Banking. Any mobile phone with texting capabilities can instantly view balances and recent transactions.

**Standard text rates apply
What types of mobile phones can I use with Mobile Banking?
  • Text Banking - Any text capable mobile device
  • Mobile Web Banking - Mobile phones with Internet access
  • Smart Phone APP - Selected smart phones can install a Mobile Banking App
What types of accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking will provide access to the same accounts that are viewable through online banking including checking, savings, CDs and loans.
How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?
Enrollment is complete through our Online Banking System:
  • Log onto Online Banking
  • From the Options menu, choose Mobile Banking Enrollment and complete the form
  • Current Online Banking customers can also go directly to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the “Oostburg State Bank” app.
Is there a wait period after enrolling?
No. Once you've enrolled and activated the service, Mobile Banking is ready to use.
What do I use for my Mobile Banking password?
The password used for Mobile Banking is the same as your password you use to log on to Online Banking. If you change your Online Banking password, your Mobile Banking password will also change.
Is Mobile Banking secure?

Text Banking:
  • View accounts by nicknames you set, not account numbers
  • No detailed personal information is sent
Mobile Web and App security:
  • 128-bit encryption masks your sensitive information
  • Password is required each time you log on Consumer's private "picture and pass phrase" are displayed to protect against "phishing"
Is software required to be installed on my phone?
No software is required for Mobile Banking, unless you choose to download and install the optional Smart Phone App. Current Online Banking customers can access Mobile Banking Enrollment and Status information under the "Options" button located at the top of your Online Banking home page. Scroll down towards the bottom and refer to the "Mobile Banking Profile" section. You can also go directly to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the “Oostburg State Bank” app
How do I install the Smartphone App?
Go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the “Oostburg State Bank” app.
Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?
Yes. Now you can pay your bills right from your cell phone.
  • View and modify pending payments
  • Must be enrolled for our online bill pay service to access this feature
  • Our standard bill pay fees apply for payments made from your mobile phone
  • Mobile Web service is required for this level of service. Not available with our Text Banking option.
**Message and Data rates may apply
Can I set up new payees through Mobile Bill Pay?
No. You can easily add new payees by logging on to our Online bill pay service.
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