Home Equity

Tapping into your home’s equity can help provide the lifestyle you’re looking for, if you do it responsibly.

You’ve worked hard to pay for your home, and many banks will tell you the reward of that hard work is the ability to use your home’s equity to fund large purchases, college educations, home improvements, and so on.

But, opening up a Home Equity Line of Credit is not a matter to take lightly. It’s your home! As your neighbor, Oostburg State Bank works with you to develop a plan to safely tap into your home’s equity.

During our consultation, we’ll identify:

  • Current home value
  • Equity loan value
  • Repayment options
  • All annual fees (no surprises)
  • Potential tax advantages*
  • Responsible borrowing practices

*Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

Let us help you tap into your home’s equity responsibly. Contact us today and get started.

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