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"Modern Banking............ the Old Fashion Way"


Oostburg State Bank offers you the best of both worlds.  As your locally owned and operated community bank we take pride in providing you with individual, personal service that’s second to none.  In addition, we offer you some of the latest and greatest in banking technology. 

Oostburg State Bank Online Banking enables you to do your banking 24 hours a day/seven days a week from the comfort of your home or office. 

Banking Made Easy                                     

In today’s busy world you need all the extra time you can get.  Oostburg State Bank’s Online Banking can help.  Online Banking can save you time and energy by eliminating some of those extra trips to the bank.  It can save you money by making those loan payments on time and making sure you never overdraw your account.  Online Banking gives you peace of mind. 

See how simple it is to use…sign up right now!  It’s FREE !!!

Online Safety Tips          FAQ/Multifactor Authentication

 First Time User Instructions

Your initial sign on will require you to type in any one of your account numbers for the  Access ID number. You will also be required to enter a temporary password. This temporary password will be the same number you are currently using for your Telebanc Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you are not a Telebanc user you will need to contact us at  920-564-2336 or e-mail

Your Passwords and Access ID must be 6 to 12 alpha or numeric characters.  After your initial sign on you will be required to change your Password. We strongly suggest you also change your Access ID.  Once this is completed we encourage you to click the Options button on the Online Banking main page and choose to register your email.  This will enable us to email you your password should you forget it.  We will not share your email address with anyone and you will not be solicited by the bank as a result of registering your email address with Online Banking.

For added security, we encourage you to change your password frequently. In addition, after 90 days of inactivity, Online Banking will void the most recently used password. Should you wish to use the Online Banking after this amount of time has elapsed you will need to sign on as a first time user and reestablish a password.

Please see the PASSWORD; Confidentiality of PASSWORD.

For your convenience, you can leave the secured site of Online Banking without logging off. However, you are encouraged to log off as soon as you are done with your internet banking and prior to additional web site or Internet browsing. Should you forget to log off, Online Banking will automatically disconnect after 20 minutes of inactivity.

First Time Users please click here to read the agreement and disclosure and continue the sign up process.


Is Oostburg State Bank Online Banking safe? Security of your personal financial information is our highest priority.  We have procedures and extensive hardware systems in place to assure that your information is secure.  We would not offer you this type of service unless we felt your information will be kept completely confidential.  Please click here to read the agreement and disclosure for more detailed information about security. 




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